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Welcome your patients with
Hosperience guidance

For patients and families, hospitalization often means high stress, confusion and a loss of control. Create better experiences for everyone involved with Hosperience, a new digital health concept featuring intelligent consumer-friendly applications designed around episodes of care.

Patients cannot differentiate on quality.
Patients differentiate based on their experience.”

— Speaker at Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Summit

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Create meaningful connections at every touchpoint

Our goal is to streamline clinical and administrative operations by bringing more clarity, intelligence and automation to communications between patients, families and care providers throughout their episode of care.

Lets Hosperience that

Customize Hosperience to your specific needs and care protocols. Do you know of a care episode where patients, families, and care team members would benefit from a more coordinated experience?

This offering would really help with what I think is the basis of everything – keeping the patient and family as calm as possible. Because that makes healthcare easier for everyone.

— Director of Nursing, mid-sized medical center in the southwestern U.S.